The Perfect Book for Your Child’s Easter Basket

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Time for another review! And just in time for Easter! Today’s review is another one from David C Cook. You might remember Ephraim’s review last week about the Action Bible Anytime Devotions. This publisher is an excellent resource for devotional books for kids and families and Sunday school curriculum. My family has been enjoying The Easter Storybook by Laura Richie and illustrated by Ian Dale.

This beautifully illustrated book is a day-by-day look into Jesus’ ministry leading up to his death, resurrection, and ascension. Even a child who can’t read should be able to look through the book and get a general idea for the story that day simply from the detailed illustrations by Ian Dale. I am unfamiliar with his work, but I think this book is a great way to get to know this wonderful artist.

Jesus is Tempted
Jesus is Tempted


The book is broken up into forty days, so you can read it for the month-and-a-half of leading up to Easter. Each day takes a look at a different part of Jesus’ ministry. For instance, Day 26 focuses on the story of how Jesus provides “Living Water.” Laura Richie summarizes the lesson in just one page. But she includes the Scripture references in case an individual or family wants to do a more in-depth study. She also includes a verse to support the text for that day. It might be something from that story, or it may be some Scripture from some other book of the Bible that reinforces the theme of the lesson. In “Living Water,” Laura Richie uses John 4:42 to emphasize that Jesus is the only One Who can save. At the end of the lesson is a question or two to discuss with your children. It’s a great way to make sure they’re paying attention!

The Woman at the Well
Living Water

The hard cover makes this book very durable for little ones, who may want to flip through the pages and look at all the interesting pictures. Even the pages are thicker to keep young children from accidentally tearing them. I love to give my children the opportunity to read quality books, but I get easily discouraged by how rough they can be with them. However, this book is made in such a way for all ages to enjoy.

Reading to the kids

Easter is just about a week-and-a-half away (April 12, in case you’re wondering!), and I think that this book is an excellent addition to any child’s Easter basket. I love to include spiritual books in my kids’ baskets because I want them to focus on the true reason we celebrate Easter. I probably would have purchased this one for my six-year-old if I wasn’t given the privilege to add it into our library in exchange for my honest review.

Easter is my favorite holiday, and I love to reflect on how Christ died for my sins and then conquered death by rising from the dead on the third day! Oh, how we need to be reminded of this truth during this season of chaos and instability we are living in. The truth is that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8). There is no instability or chaos in the kingdom of Heaven! There is only peace and security.

While I know that this is a review, I can’t sign off without bringing your focus back to Christ. This book helps us to see that there is a God Who loves us enough to send His own Son to Earth to die for our sins. Walking through the ministry of Jesus, you can see that He wasn’t a highly political person. He didn’t reign over the kingdom (although He could have!). He didn’t call down 10,000 angels to rescue Him from the cross. He came to love, heal, and save those who were willing to just place their trust in Him. And He is waiting to do the same for you.

During this time when fear and anxiety want to reign over your heart, won’t you turn instead to Jesus? The same Jesus Who calmed the stormy sea, made five loaves and two fishes last for over 5,000 men plus their women and children, and saved a man while He Himself was hanging innocently on a cross is the same Jesus Who died for you and has a place reserved in Heaven for you. Our current circumstances prove that we have no control over our tomorrows, so won’t you trust in the One Who does?

Hanging on the cross

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