allison-2“Katie has edited three books for me and each time she has done a completely thorough job, catching even the most elusive of typos. She is excellent as both a developmental editor and a line editor and I would use her again and again. Any author would be blessed to have Katie Smith as their editor.”

Allison Wells, Author


“Katie was my first experience with an editor, and I wasn’t disappointed! She’s very thorough and dare I say, picky (but in the best of ways). The thing is, I had edited my manuscript many times before I finally sent it over to her. Her comments, suggestions and edits were things I had not even thought of. Together, she and I developed the story a bit more and I could not be happier with the final novel. Katie also instructed me on the things I should be doing as far as building my brand as an author, and she was more than willing to give advice while I was designing the cover for my novel. She’s fair and honest, and I’d love to work with her again!”

Samantha Lauren

“It is always such a blessing for me to work with Mrs. Smith. She makes the whole process so enjoyable! I love how she strives to help the writer grow in the development of their stories. God has truly gifted her in this area, and it has blessed me and many others. She focused not only on the grammatical and contextual parts of my story, A Journey to Unshakable Faith, but also on the Christian aspect. Knowing her suggestions come from the same worldview I hold to is a great benefit!”

Sydney Witbeck