Ephraim’s Review of the Action Bible Anytime Devotions


Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

This review is brought to you with the help of my nine-year-old son, who jumped at the chance to read David C Cook‘s The Action Bible Anytime Devotions.

To be honest, I have struggled over the years to find a good devotional book for him. He has a short attention span and just hasn’t found any book to really keep his attention. So, when I requested this devotional to review, I was a little apprehensive. Until, one day, I walked into the living room, where I usually do my devotions, and saw this:

Ephraim banana

He has been faithfully doing his devotions each morning without my prompting! Success!

So, I decided to interview Ephraim and let him give you the run-down on his experience with The Action Bible Anytime Devotions:

Mom: There are a lot of pictures in this book. What do you think about the comic book style for devotions?

Ephraim: The pictures are cool, but they don’t go with the story. And I think he should hide his signature better on the pictures rather than putting it in the middle of the picture itself. I don’t recommend it to little kids, though, because some of the pictures are scary.

Mom: I’m glad you liked the pictures, but what did you think about the stories? Did you get anything out of them?

Ephraim: I really like the stories. I felt like the stories were right on topic and always help me because sometimes I feel the same thing these kids do. Like “When Social Media Calls” because I am addicted, and it always calls me every day. It helped me to learn that social media isn’t actually that important. (Mom note: Ephraim doesn’t have social media but means that he is always trying to look over my shoulder or get on YouTube without permission or adult supervision.)

Mom: Okay, well, what about the Bible lessons? Did you relate to those? What did you think?

Ephraim: The Bible lessons are all good choices. They go well with the lesson–like “When You Need Real Friends.” This lesson was from Proverbs on how to be a good friend and have good relationships.

Mom: So, what do you think of this devotional overall? Would you like to keep using it?

Ephraim: I really like how it’s laid out and can help a lot of kids. I would really like to have an actual Action Bible to add to the devotional. 

Ephraim reading

My initial impression of The Action Bible Anytime Devotions was that it would be a good fit for my son. And I am glad that he found something that piqued his interest every day. But I am a little disappointed that there is just one verse in each section and that the child (or teen) is encouraged to follow up with Bible reading in the Action Bible at the end of the discussion. I think it would be better if the Scripture was placed at the beginning of the section, so the reader is encouraged to dive into God’s Word before thinking on it further.

I also agree with Ephraim that the pictures don’t make much sense. I thought the point of this devotional was to include drawings that reinforced the story. Instead, a lot of the artwork was used over and over again, and the pictures didn’t coincide with the lesson in any way. There is even one story about Moses and the burning bush, but the picture shows Moses parting the waters. I think this devotional would be much stronger if the the pictures related to the lesson in some way.

I believe that the colorful images are a great tool at grabbing a teen’s attention, and I do believe that I will be looking for more devotionals along this vein.

I have another book I’ll be reviewing for you soon from David C Cook, but until then, you can read some other reviews from my fellow homeschool review crew members:


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