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Bouncin’ Babies and Supportive Friends

dscf1102Thursday is my favorite day during the week.  Why Thursdays?  Every week, Hannah and I head to our local library to participate in “Bouncin’ Babies,” a free program designed to teach parents how to have fun with their babies while teaching them.  Our wonderful teacher, Miss Donna, leads us in songs and stories with the help of her loyal puppet.  Hannah’s excitement escalates as she waits for Miss Perky Bird to “fly” around the room and tap her on the shoulder.  And the squeals of delight from the children when Miss Donna ends the class with bubbles is just enough to make anyone smile.

During the class, I love the interaction I have with Hannah.  She laughs and smiles at my silly antics to the songs, and she even “bounces” along!  After the class are when the friendships are formed.  While our children play, we moms sit around and talk about anything that is going on this week.  For me, it is so refreshing to hear other moms as they talk about their good days and bad days of parenting!  We listen to each other, offer advice, and then go our separate ways.  We may come from different beliefs, different cultures, different worlds, but we all have one thing in common – we are Mom.

What do you do to encourage you in your parenting?  Do you have a group of friends to support you during your own good and bad days?  If not, I encourage you to check out your local library for free programs.  You may be surprised at the friendships you form!

1 thought on “Bouncin’ Babies and Supportive Friends”

  1. I read blogs like yours! (I can’t believe it has taken me so long to stop by!! I usually have just enough time to get my own post up before someone wakes up or I have to go to sleep.)

    I also love to have friends to our home; I’ve learned to find the beauty in interrupted-but-refreshingly-authentic-mommy-talk.

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