Ramblings of a Mother

The Mommy Factor

My Darling DaughterMy daughter will be 8 months old next week, and I am amazed at how quickly she has grown – and how little I know as a parent!  As she has begun crawling in the last few weeks, I am seeing our house through different eyes – those of my child.  Suddenly, a cabinet is no longer a cabinet but a dangerous playland filled with deadly toxins.  A simple plug that powers the television set is now a hazardous rope of electrical energy waiting to zap the most unsuspecting child!  Even our round coffee table is a danger zone, causing numerous head bumps as my daughter tries over and over to pull herself up with little success.  I once thought our home was a “safe haven”; but now I see every sharp corner, every breakable artifact, every possible way for my daughter to be injured!

Some may say I’m insane; others just call it The Mommy Factor.

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