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Just Look Up

dscf08881Another one of my friends lost their job last night.  The numbers are quickly adding up as unemployment skyrockets – and during the worst time of year, too!  We were a part of the statistics this summer as my husband unexpectedly lost his job just weeks after we brought our daughter home from the hospital.  Initially, we were in despair, hopeless, and worried.  And then we remembered to look up.  It was then that we realized Who was on the throne – our God.  He knew our needs, and He had promised to “supply all [our] needs” (Phil. 4:19).

Suddenly, we were filled with hope!  Our God was going to take care of us – and take care of us He did!  We never missed a meal, skipped a payment on a bill, or went without a stitch of clothing, thanks to our Father in heaven.  Sure, we couldn’t go to the movies (or even rent a movie) or go out to eat like we used to, but we had EVERY NEED met!

Unfortunately, we lose sight of the fact that our needs are being met and complain about things that we want that we just can’t afford right now.  Do you NEED cable?  New clothes?  Soda, chips, or ice cream?  Do you really NEED to go out with your friends tonight? 

Look around you!  If you have shelter, clean clothes, and food (even if it may not be your favorite food), then you are truly blessed!  Trust me, we have been eating our fair share of food that we would NOT have bought ourselves!  But we are thankful for every morsel!

As the holidays approach, people are frantically searching for ways to buy the latest gadget – even though they can’t afford some of the simple things for their children or themselves.  Have we lost our focus?  Would it really be so bad if you didn’t get anything for Christmas this year but instead spent time nurturing the relationships in your life, helping out in a soup kitchen, or volunteering at a nursing home?  What would happen to your children if they gave to children who were really in need instead of getting toys that they will grow bored with in just a couple of weeks?

I bet if we took just a few minutes to take our eyes off of ourselves that we would see someone who has it worse!  It’s a shame that we can’t enjoy the holidays because we lack the compassion to see beyond ourselves and look to the needs of others.

This holiday season, don’t look down, avoiding others’ eyes because you don’t have “the best.”  Instead, look up, thank God in heaven for ANYTHING He has provided for you, and then look around to help your neighbor.

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