Homeschool Review Crew: Preborn Prodigy CDs

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

This week, we were asked to review three CDs from Preborn Prodigy, a company I had never actually heard about before. This company was founded by Sara Bumgarner, who also works in the health food industry. She created the company to impart God’s Word to children from the womb up. There are also three new CDs coming soon: Surprised by Baby! (for parents surprised by pregnancy), The Father’s Heart (for adopted and fostered children), and Science Prodigy Vol. 1.

Of course, when I saw preborn, I wondered why a homeschool family was being asked to review them. But then I saw that one of the CDs was actually about math, and we always need help with math! And of course, with the new science CD to be released soon, there will be more available for classroom use.

Math Prodigy sounded like a good one to start, since I was still skeptical about how it would play a part in our day. However, I am always up to extra help with our math skills, so I put it in the player for us all to listen to. We listened almost all the way through before we decided that we just couldn’t focus on what was being taught. The music is so gentle and sleepy, my kids were actually starting to get a bit drowsy. And the voice was so lovely and soothing, it just didn’t help to wake them up about a subject that they already find pretty dull. Definitely not what I wanted for math class! I believe the concepts are there, and perhaps it’s a good fit for a family who does enjoy a lot of calmness and quiet in their homeschool. But my kids are very active and actually learn a lot better when they can dance or choreograph the music. I love the idea of putting math to music, but perhaps we just need something a little more upbeat. I will say, I thought the cover of the CD was quite attractive and definitely drew my interest.

Math Prodigy

The one my 12-year-old liked the best (and actually stole for herself) was Prayers & Blessings Newborn to 99When I asked her why she liked it so much, she said that it was just very calming and encouraging. She really liked being reminded of what God says about who she is–something she is currently struggling with in her preteen years. She actually found that this CD was a wonderful part of her bedtime routine as she could listen to the reassurances found in God’s Word while she lay in her bed trying to sleep. I definitely love anything that will bring my child’s focus back to the Lord–especially when she’s had a particularly bad day and needs to be reminded of those truths. I think I’ll let her keep this one for herself for now. The cover art on this CD was quite simple and nice. I think it definitely made the CD more appealing to her as well.

Newborn to 99

The third CD we were asked to review was actually the favorite of my six-year-old. Prayers & Blessings for the Unborn Child was her CD of choice for bedtime. She enjoyed the calming music as well and found that it was a good CD to help her fall asleep. This CD was actually designed to be used while the child is still in the womb, which I think is what makes it such a good CD to fall asleep to. This is another CD that focuses on the value of every child by reassuring them of the role their parent plays to help them fulfill their potential in this life. The cover for this CD is actually lighter in color but still portrays accurately what the CD is about and who it is for. I think this one would actually be a lovely addition to a baby shower gift–something that will calm the mom-to-be as well as enhance the brain development of the preborn child.


These CDs are actually now available in several languages, including Chinese, German, Hebrew, Afrikaans, and Spanish. I think they may be a little over-priced for how much is actually on the CDs–$14.95 for these three and $9.95 for just the instrumental version. And also given the fact that overall, my family did not really enjoy them, I don’t think that this is a product we would necessarily recommend.

However, you do have the option to listen to a portion of the Newborn to 99 CD to make the decision for yourself. And you can read reviews from other members of our crew below:

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