No Safe Harbor: A Book Review

No Safe Harbor, Edge of Freedom Series #1

Cara Hamilton is all alone in her homeland of Ireland.  Her parents have died, and her brother was assumed dead after he went missing.  But when Cara receives a mysterious letter from her very-much-alive brother, she catches the first boat to America, hoping to meet up with her brother in New York City.  But with his warning to trust no one, Cara becomes anxious when her brother fails to meet her boat.  Worried that she may have made the journey in vain, Cara finds comfort in the arms of a stranger and makes a family at the boarding house where she rents a room.  But is she too trusting?  Where is her brother?  And can she trust God to protect her from the evil that lurks just around the corner?

Rourke Walsh has one purpose in his life – avenge the death of his father, no matter the cost.  But when Rourke meets the sweet-tempered Cara, he suddenly finds himself losing some of the edge that has spurred him to do what he must.  Can he find his father’s killer and protect his heart from falling in love?  And what will he do if he gets his wish?  Sinking deeper into a web of deceit, Rourke struggles with the godly beliefs his father taught him and the anger and bitterness that now control his life.

Set in 1897, No Safe Harbor is Elizabeth Ludwig’s daring attempt to mix history, romance, suspense, and faith.  And she does so beautifully.  I found myself wrapped up in the story, although I was pretty confident I knew how it would end.  I would definitely recommend this book, but don’t expect a surprise ending.

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