Remember Your Vows

I had another post all ready for today, but I believe that I need to post this one today instead.  My heart is heavy because I am starting to hear too many reports from my friends – people I have known for years – who are giving up on their marriages.  Something about the sixth or seventh year of marriage seems to be getting everyone down!  I’m no marriage expert, since I myself am just coming up on my seventh anniversary in October.  And yes, there are times that it has seemed easier to just bail – but I haven’t. 

I KNOW that marriage is hard.  You’re taking two people of opposite sex and putting them into close quarters.  Sure, the honeymoon is fun, but everyday life can get a bit tedious.  WARNING!  WARNING!  This is when Satan is going to attack!  This is when you are going to start seeing that person without the rose-colored glasses.  You may not like what you see.  In fact, your spouse might not like what he or she sees either!  But that’s when you’ve got to fight!  That’s when you’ve got to call out to God to love that person through you.

Remember those vows?  What were they now. . .?  “For better or for WORSE”?  Sure, when times are good, it’s easy to feel those lovey-dovey feelings.  But the moment things get bad – and let’s face it, there WILL be bad times – too many couples are seeking the easy way out.

Today my heart is heavy because too many couples I know are giving up.  But remember that the worst mistakes that you can possibly make are never so bad that they overshadow the best thing that Christ did for you – dying on the cross for your sins.  Ask Him for help.  Ask Him to save your marriage.  Fight for your spouse!  Fight for your kids!  And above all else, don’t lose hope. 

If you are experiencing marital problems, please seek help immediately from your pastor or a licensed professional. 

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