God’s Grace in Trials

I’ve been having some computer problems the last couple of weeks, so I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile.  I am just able to get on for a short time today at my mom’s house, and I can’t upload any pictures over here.  But I felt that this was an important post, so I decided to log on anyway.

My heart is overwhelmed with joy and sadness today for my friends, Mark and Cherie.  They were so excited to call me yesterday to tell me that they had a newborn baby boy named Oliver!  They had waited so long for him to arrive, and they have had a rough year, so you can just imagine how excited they were to finally welcome their son!  (Plus, they decided not to find out what sex the baby was going to be, so having a boy really WAS a surprise!)  He is so gorgeous with his red hair and red eyelashes.  Mommy and baby are doing fine.  The proud father also just graduated from medical school, so he was really on Cloud Nine getting to participate in the birth of his own child!

Today was also Mark’s birthday, and he was thrilled that his son’s birthday was so close to his.  But in the middle of their joy, there was sadness, too.  Mark’s father, who has been battling cancer for over a year, finally passed away this morning.  Mark and Cherie just returned from visiting him last week and were making plans to drive 10 hours to see him tomorrow so that he could meet his first grandson.  But God had other plans, and now they will be traveling for his funeral service.

Mark and Cherie are two of the most exceptional people I know.  Even in adversity, they have such a desire to show God’s grace.  They are concerned for other people before themselves.  I know that Oliver will be raised in a loving, godly home.  But my heart is still heavy for them as I write this.  On top of all of this, one of Cherie’s brothers will be getting married this weekend, and then Mark and Cherie are moving far away from family and friends in order for Mark to complete his residency.

Please pray for these friends of mine if they come to your mind.  They have a lot on their plate, and I know that they would appreciate your prayers!

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