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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

My kids have loved having the chance to review “Bible Unearthed” by Drive Thru History® Adventures as part of our nightly routine.

“Culturally engaging, fact-filled, and super fun” is how host Dave Stotts describes his curriculum. Stotts has created adventures that take the student around the world with a “Christian worldview” to teach them from the actual sites in history. He has adventure videos for “Acts to Revelation,” “The Gospels,” “American History,” and “Ancient History”–each available to purchase individually or as part of the Full-Access bundle.

We had the opportunity to review the soon-to-be-released “Bible Unearthed.” My children have enjoyed getting in their pajamas and joining around the computer to watch each episode as they take a look at the artifacts and archeological sites that they have heard about from the Bible.

Each lesson has a video that features Stotts, archeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy, and travel writer Randall Niles.

Kennedy takes the viewer to sites in the Holy Land–such as Jericho, where Joshua led the famous battle, and Mesopotamia, where many clay tablets have been discovered. No matter where Kennedy takes the viewer, you’re sure to find out more about archaeology and how each finding just proves the Bible over and over again.

Along the way, the student will learn about the life of an archeologist and discover whether this is a career that they might consider for themselves. I love that my kids are learning new terms as well! Each video also includes a lesson that can be read that includes Scripture Reading, an Optional Activity, and Dig Deeper Articles. The Scripture reading always reinforces the lesson. And the purpose of the activity is to give the student the opportunity to experience the lesson for themselves. For example, in “Episode 4: The Life of an Archeologist,” the student learns about ancient texts. So, to give the student something tangible to help them remember the lesson, they are given the option to copy and decipher some ancient texts for themselves. The Dig Deeper Articles are also a great resource for students who want to learn more about a particular subject.

My kids have really enjoyed the videos and the discussion questions that accompany each lesson. Thankfully, there is also an answer key in case I missed a question myself! They also enjoyed looking at the artifacts and seeing some of the sites that they have merely only heard about.

I think that this has been a wonderful addition to our day and helps the kids settle down before bed while also teaching them about history and the Bible. The videos are engaging and lively, and Dr. Kennedy keeps it fun for all ages. Even my six-year-old has stayed involved.

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