Page a Day Math Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

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The school year is officially over for us, but I find that my children do better at retaining knowledge if I don’t give them too long a break–especially when it comes to math. So, I was really excited to have the opportunity to have my son review the Multiplication Starter Kit from Page a Day Math. I’m happy that we were able to receive a physical kit, but there are digital downloads available as well.

Basically, it’s twelve books that have one page–front and back–for your child to work on each day. They learn just one new problem each day. Then they trace the problem. And then they solve. Each day builds on what they have already learned.

Ephraim with multiplication

Since my son has been struggling with his multiplication tables, I thought the Multiplication Starter Kit would be a great one to review! He grumbled and complained at first because he hates math, but now he realizes that it really doesn’t take that long and doesn’t require a lot from him. The equations are simple and just reconfirm what he’s learning. It’s a great way to strengthen his multiplication skills while we are transitioning into our next grade.

The books are small and glossy, which means they don’t get messed up very easily. And the pictures are colorful and engaging. So far, he’s been doing pretty good with them. I’m glad to have something he can take with him on car rides and get done rather quickly.

We also downloaded the Division Starter Kit. All of the kits come with the bonus of flashcards, a progress tracker, the Adorable Adjectives! Cursive Practice!, Eats and Treats Cursive Practice, and 12 books. I prefer the physical kit just because I don’t want to have to do all of that printing. But the price is considerably less for a downloadable kit, so you be the judge!

Not to be outdone, my recently graduated kindergartner needed to keep up her math skills as well, so I ordered her the Addition Starter Kit. She was happy to dive right in and actually got started while I was still cleaning up from breakfast. When I came in to show her what to do, she had already figured it out for herself! So, I would say that the lessons are really easy for all ages to follow.


For these books, the lesson is illustrated for the child. Then they trace the problem, copy it, and then do their own set. She had it done in about five minutes. And she has found it very easy to build on each day. She actually reminds me that she needs her next worksheet. Plus, Page a Day Math helps the student with their handwriting while working on their math skills. She had been getting sloppier as the end of the school year approached, so it’s good to see her having to go back to the tracing and copying method.

We also downloaded the I Can Write in Cursive book, which I was hoping to use with my daughter. We had some technical difficulties with receiving our downloads, so we just started this week on using that. She likes that she can copy the script but doesn’t really know what she’s reading. We’re going to have to work more diligently on this, I think.

My son, however, is using the Merry Music Cursive Handwriting set. He struggles to take his time with writing and is very sloppy in his work. His occupational therapist is pleased that he is being given this assignment and is hoping that his handwriting will improve greatly as he continues.

Ephraim cursive

My overall assessment is that these are great kits to supplement your math courses, but I don’t think I would make them the main curriculum. I do think the handwriting books are enough and are great practice for anyone who wants to learn cursive.

When we received our physical kit, though, we were missing the first book of the 12 and actually received two copies of Book 6. We also did not receive any flashcards or extra books in our kit, so I cannot attest for the quality of the physical items.

There are many kits to choose from to meet your budget and your child’s needs. Many of the kits come in both physical or downloadable versions. But since I did not receive a completed kit, I suggest you check out some of the reviews from my fellow Homeschool Review Crew and see what they thought.

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