An Art Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

With a budding artist in our homeschool, I was excited for the chance to review Beyond the Stick Figure Art School this month. Art tends to be something we don’t have extra money to pay for, but my daughter definitely has talent and needs the extra training. So, this was a course I was eager for my children to take.

We were given the opportunity to review the Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses, a $370.00 value! The course is very comprehensive, but we definitely would not have been able to afford the extra cost at our house. However, if you are able, I definitely believe that this course is worth the money. If that price is too steep for you as well, though, there are several affordable courses that you can purchase for your child. For instance, Introduction to Watercolor is just $19.00. And Paint Your Own Family Portraits is on sale now for $17.00. So, there are many options available for all budgets.

My fourth and fifth graders actually loved the course. They flew through the Drawing Parts 1-3. They even fussed at me for not always having all of the right tools, but times are tight, so they had to make do with what we had. When considering which course you want to enroll your child in, you will need to remember to also budget for the proper art supplies.

Drawing screenshot

Each course has a video for each day that your child will need to complete before they can move on to the next section. This is a great way to hinder students from jumping around and not getting everything they can out of the lessons. The videos are short–usually around a couple of minutes–so you can actually knock out more than one in a day if your student is interested. Of course, they will need to take the time to actually work on their project as well, so don’t overwhelm them!

Kids in front of computer 2
Their t-shirts were already mess-worthy, but I found they had made these bag smocks, too!

They actually were very eager to participate each day and had a lot of fun putting together some masterpieces. Unfortunately, we had several hiccups along the way with our login constantly getting locked out. While the admin of Beyond the Stick Figure was quick to respond, the issues took a while to fix, and we only had enough time to try out the Drawing lessons and the Pen and Ink lessons before this review was due.

The kids really took to the Pen and Ink lessons, though. I was actually surprised that my son enjoyed it so much because it required patience and attention to details–two things that are not his strengths. But he did really well and accomplished his masterpiece.

Ephraim with painting
He calls it “The End of the Movie.”

Of course, my artistic daughter loved all of it and is eager to finish the course, which also includes Watercolor, Acrylic, and 3D Design. Plus, it looks like the Paint Your Own Family Portrait course has been added on as well.

Hannah with painting
She loves this kind of thing!

Although we had some technical difficulties to work through, I still feel that this course is worth the money. And I was impressed with the quick responses I received from the admin, who was eager to fix the issues as quickly as possible. But our only issues were with the logging in process. Once we were in, we didn’t have any problems with the videos or moving along with the courses.

Pen and Ink Screenshot

I am excited to see what my children produce as they continue with the course and hope that this really sparks a love for art in both of them.

If you want to find out what the rest of the Homeschool Review Crew thought of the course, click the link below:

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