A Book Review for Your Holidays

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Ronie Kendig has managed to draw me in again with the second book in her Tox Files series, Crown of Souls.

Kendig grew up as an Army brat (her words) and uses her knowledge and experience to create a world of characters reminiscent of Jason Bourne. Just as Cole “Tox” Russell believes he can settle into a relationship with Haven, he is suddenly struck down with a bullet in his shoulder. Upon realizing that the bullet is intended as a message from an old soldier buddy, Alec King, Tox begins to doubt his place in the world.

Finding out that Alec has come into the possession of an ancient crown that “controls” the mind, Tox and his team race against the clock to save the President of the United States (who also happens to be Tox’s brother) and his family. But with Alec always one step ahead of them, will they be able to get there in time? Or will Alec’s plan succeed?

As Tox and his team chase Alec around the world, Tox struggles with his own feelings of seeking for “justice.” Could he, too, be just like Alec? Or has God redeemed him from going down the same path?

Kendig does an excellent job creating a plot that is both believable and edge-of-your-seat drama. With the ability to appeal to both men and women, Kendig expertly weaves danger and romance together without going too far in either direction to lose either audience. Kendig also does an excellent job of making the reader stop to inspect their own soul, pointing out that “when you stare into the abyss, it also stares into you.”

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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