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I don’t know about you, but I confess that I am one exhausted mama! Day in and day out, it feels that I am running kids from place to place and winding up in circles. The kids are constantly bickering, schoolwork results in frustration, and supper is burning on the stove! It can be so easy to forget how precious motherhood can actually be when we’re deep in the trenches!

In her book, The High Calling of Motherhood, Chimene Shipley Dupler strives to bring dignity back to motherhood by reminding us how special motherhood actually is.

“We want to have it all,” says Dupler. “We are over-committed and still unsatisfied…But motherhood has always been hard, in every generation and in every culture. Mothering is hard because it comes from the heart.”

As the founder of Passion4Moms, Dupler has firsthand knowledge of the struggles mothers of all different backgrounds face and the lies that society tells us. In this book, Dupler uses personal experiences and scripture to demonstrate that motherhood is a “high calling.”

“Motherhood is the highest of callings,” says Dupler. “While culture and society has abandoned and orphaned the high calling of motherhood, God has never orphaned or abandoned the high calling of motherhood.”

Dupler reminds moms that we have been “called for such a time as this.” We are the “Esthers” of our generation, and our task is important! But we can also be assured that we have nothing to fear because God is in control. We can relinquish our control because our children are in His hands.

“Our purpose is to know God and to make Him known,” says Dupler. “Our identity must shift from comparison to confidence in who we are in Christ.”

If you have ever said, “I am JUST a mom,” then Dupler’s book will encourage you to see yourself in light of the Gospel. Dupler brings to light how wonderful motherhood actually is and the immense importance that God has laid on our shoulders. But don’t lose heart! God has not left us on our own, and Dupler points out scripture after scripture that shows that God will “never leave us nor forsake us.”

If you are an exhausted mama like me, then this book may be just what you need to remind you of the calling God has given to you. Dupler does a great job in encouraging moms to love our children well and to stop worrying about others – what they think about us or how they parent their children. God has given us the responsibility of our children, and He has given us the tools to equip us for that task.

After reading this book, you will proclaim, “I am a difference-maker. I am a world changer. I am a mom.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from the back cover):

View More: http://alliekuykphotography.pass.us/chimene

Chimene Shipley Dupler, Founder and President/CEO of Pink Polka Dot Productions and the Passion4Moms ministry, is a well-respected speaker and professional on marriage and parenting. Chimene loves the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and work through struggles to make marriages, parenting, and life experiences fabulous. Passion4Moms continues to bless, encourage, and inspire mothers through conferences, speaking engagements, and other events.

Previously, Chimene worked on Capitol Hill in the United State Senate and with foster homes and residential treatment centers as a social worker. Chimene graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Child and Family Studies.

Chimene is most proud to be living out her passion for marriage and parenting daily, endeavoring to bring God glory as a wife and mother and living life to the fullest. Chimene and her husband currently reside in Washington, D.C. with their three princesses. Chimene’s greatest passion in life – being a mother!

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