Just 1 More

There were 24 people at our Thanksgiving meal yesterday. Three tables were filled with family who came together to laugh and talk and reminisce. Ten children, and 14 adults. It was difficult to squeeze into our chairs with a group that large!

But. . .

I think there was probably room for 1 more.

1 more child could have feasted with us yesterday.

1 more child could have had a family to call their own.

1 more child could have gone to bed filled with turkey and stuffing.

Just 1 more.

November is almost over, and I fear that many people have long forgotten that there are over 130 million orphans around the world who didn’t even get a meal yesterday, let alone stuffed themselves until the buttons on their pants were popping!

There are children about to age out of the orphanages in China before they even have a chance to hit puberty.

“Drake” is currently available for adoption!

Just 1 more.

There are children here in our own country who may have been given turkey yesterday but couldn’t think of any reason to be thankful. These children were handed food by strangers, who volunteer once or twice a year. But why didn’t they offer to bring them home for dinner?


Just 1 more.

I recently reported on a group of students who were putting together meals for orphans in Haiti. The meals were small but had all the vitamins needed to bring one child to nutrition. All they have to do is add water. Somehow, it made our Thanksgiving meal seem extremely excessive!

Just 1 more. 

November begins as National Adoption Month, and ironically, ends as Thanksgiving. But what happened throughout the month to show our thankfulness for the bounty we have? What have we done to help the children in need of families?

I know that you can’t help all 130+ million orphans. But could you make room in your home for just 1 more?

As we launch the 2016 holiday season, would your prayerfully consider adding just 1 more to your table?

Even if you can’t adopt right now, can you take a child in for Christmas? Can you offer help to a foster family? Can you take in an expecting mom who has nowhere else to go?

Just 1 more means that there will be 1 less child spending Christmas without a family to love.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'” – Matt. 25:40 NIV.

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