From This Moment: A Novel Review

From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden is a historical novel set in Boston in 1897 during the construction of the subway system.  Obviously, this was a time when the city was a mess, tempers were high, and businesses suffered from the inability of customers to get to their stores.

Camden sets her characters right in the midst of the chaos.  Romulus White is the co-owner of a prestigious scientific magazine, but his success could easily topple if he doesn’t gain a firmer hold on his subscribers.  Confident that the artistic genius of renowned artist Stella West will help his magazine, Romulus sets out to woo her to work for him.

But when Romulus finally runs into the beautiful Stella, he finds that she has abandoned her talent in exchange for finding the person she believes murdered her sister, who was reported as accidentally drowned.

Romulus convinces Stella to work for him in exchange for his help in the case, but what will be the cost to him?  As the two dig deeper, they both begin to find they have a lot more to lose – possibly even themselves.

As if that’s not enough for this story, the subplot of Romulus’ friends and co-owners, Clyde and Evelyn, adds another layer to this story.  Once married, the two separated to pursue their own dreams.  But now Clyde is back to work on the subway, and the two pick up their fight where they left off.  But when an accident happens mid-construction, will Evelyn be able to find a way to forgive Clyde and rekindle their relationship?

I enjoyed this story just as much for its plot as for the additional historical details.  I was fascinated to learn more about the beginning of the subway system through this book.

I believe I would recommend this book to someone interested in historical fiction.

*This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review from Bethany House Publishers.


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