The Final Book in Alaskan Courage Series

Sabotaged, Alaskan Courage Series #5

In Sabotaged, Dani Pettrey brings back the well-loved McKenna family from her previous four books in the Alaskan Courage series.

Reef McKenna has long been known as the black sheep of the McKenna family but has recently found God and come home again.  Kirra Jacobs grew up with the McKennas and always knew that Reef was headed for trouble.

When the two start to work together on the Iditarod race, they never knew where adventure would lead them.  But when Kirra’s uncle Frank and cousin, Meg, go missing, she needs Reef’s help to find them before too many lives are lost.

As time begins to run out to find her missing uncle and cousin, Kirra is faced with bitterness from the past and realizes that God has always been with her even through her trials.

As the two spend more and more time together, Reef and Kirra realize that their relationship is more than just friendship, and they find themselves falling in love.  But at times I found that the romance portion of the story was too distracting.  And the way the relationship progresses is very similar to how it progresses with Reef’s other siblings in previous books.

All in all, I have enjoyed this series by Pettrey, but I hope to see her expand her plot lines in future series.

*This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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