Prepared for a Purpose: An Inspiring Read

Prepared for a Purpose

It seems as though every week the news is filled with the story of a school shooting, and the end result is never a happy one.  Innocent children are injured, the shooter dead or in custody, and lives are forever changed.  Unless you have gone through it in your own community, it is hard to know what to think about those involved and how to help the victims heal.

Antoinette Tuff was just another school employee in Atlanta, GA, whose own life was certainly not a fairy tale.  After a tumultuous divorce, a couple of suicide attempts, and the difficulties of raising a handicapped child, Tuff was consumed with her own struggles.  But August 20, 2013, changed all of that for her.

Sent to run her school’s front office while the rest of the staff went on their lunch breaks, Tuff was the first one to meet Michael Hill, a young man who had set out to kill a school full of elementary children.

But pulling from her own life experiences and relying on God, Tuff was able to keep a young man from going on a rampage and saved the lives of everyone at her school.

I definitely think there were moments when the author was a little too focused on herself, and some of her story seemed a little bit more about pointing out her righteousness versus her cheating ex-husband.  But overall, I think she does a great job of pointing the reader back to God and showing how God can take anyone to be used by Him for His glory.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

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