Take a Trip to Amish Country in The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper, Home to Hickory Hollow Series #4

Beverly Lewis publishes yet another stellar story from deep within the Amish community of Hickory Hollow, but this time she brings in an outsider to tell the story.

In The Secret Keeper, Lewis introduces Jenny Burns, who was born and raised in the “modern world” within a wealthy family.  But Jenny has never fit into her family’s world and has always yearned to be Amish.  So when Jenny becomes pen pals with an Amish girl, she starts to dream of what it would be like to give up her life and become a true Amish woman.  When Jenny abruptly leaves her family and life behind, she suddenly finds herself living with Samuel and Rebecca Lapp, who have lost their own daughter to the Bann when she chose to leave the Amish community with her husband.

As Jenny struggles to find her place in the Amish community, she finds herself drawing closer to God and to Andrew Lapp, a man whose last love left him for the English world.  Will Jenny be able to make it through her Proving and become the woman she has always wished to be, or should she just accept herself and go home?

Meanwhile, Jenny has arrived in the  middle of a time of discontent within the Amish community.  Young couples are talking of leaving the Amish community because of the restrictions of the bishop.  Can one man truly make all the rules?  Will Jenny’s Amish friends switch lives with her?

This story was an excellent twist on “life is always greener.”  This story could speak to anyone dealing with their faith and contentment.  Lewis does an excellent job of showing how life isn’t easy no matter where you are, but God is always big enough to handle it.

As an “outsider,” I found it very interesting to learn that someone can step into the Amish life – even though it certainly would not be easy!  I enjoyed this book very much!

*I was given this book by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my review.

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