Back to School Words of Encouragement

We made it through week 1 of homeschooling, and I have to confess that there was a lot of trial and error along the way!  In fact, my intention was to blog more last week, but I was so consumed with homeschooling, babysitting, and freelancing that I just didn’t get time!

Two of the main lessons I am learning are flexibility and patience!  Imagine my dismay when after spending hours working on a lapbook for him, Ephraim tore some of it apart in a fit of anger because he wasn’t getting his way!  And a large part of one of our homeschooling days was spent with Hannah in and out of her room, slamming doors, screaming, and being just all around ornery simply because I had given Ephraim a project to work on, too.

There is definitely a large measure of grace that needs to go along with homeschooling!  But it is so important to me that I educate my children for right now that I am willing to learn.  I am willing to let God bend me through my children.  After all, He isn’t finished with me yet, either!

I read one homeschooling mom’s post once (I can’t even remember where I read it) that said if you ever said you couldn’t homeschool because your children wouldn’t listen to you, then you have bigger problems to deal with in your household!  I found that remark quite offensive!  After all, we as parents can train our children and bring them up according to Scripture, but they are still little sinners and in need of a Savior.  And they still have to make the choice to obey!

I threw a lot of temper tantrums as a child, and I managed to alienate some of my family members and friends (some who have never forgiven me for my past sin).  I don’t want my daughter to live as miserably in her sin as I lived in mine.  I want more than anything for her to give her heart to Christ and to have a quiet and gentle spirit.

But I can’t force her, right?  So I pray with her and for her; I allow her to hear my prayers for her.  I read her Scripture, and then I just have to leave it up to God to restore her heart.

There is a lot of criticism of homeschooling parents these days.  Many people think we parents just do not have the credentials to meet their needs.  But would a teacher with a class of 15 children be able to stop and deal with Hannah’s heart issues if she has a bad attitude in class?  Would anyone else be as concerned that Hannah get a spiritual education as I am?

I admire teachers in private and public schools.  I have family members who work or have worked in both arenas.  So this is not my endorsement for homeschooling over any other type of education!

But those of us moms (and dads) who have committed to trying to train our children ourselves need your support and encouragement – not your criticism.  We need you to turn away when you see our children acting up in public.  We need you to remember that being a parent is not an easy task for anyone, and we are with these same little people all day long!

I just want to say that I love having my children home with me all day, and I know I would be quite miserable if (or when) I had to send them off to school.  But I know those parents who do send their kids off every day also have worries and problems and adjustments with their children as well.

So as school is getting back into gear, let’s remember to encourage each other as parents.  After all, no matter how we choose to educate our children, we all just want what’s best for them!  And if you are out of those years of having to send your children to school, would you please consider praying for us?  Pray that we will be wholly involved, that our children will receive the best education and spiritual enrichment as possible, and that we will know how to fight Satan’s darts when they are thrown at our children.  And please find some words of encouragement for us!  It’s hard to raise children in this ungodly world, and we are fighting one tough battle!

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” – Prov. 25:11


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