Submerged: A Book Review

Submerged, Alaskan Courage Series #1

Submerged by Dani Pettrey is a definite must-read this summer!  The first book in the Alaskan Courage series, this book is well-researched and well-written.

Set in the waters of Alaska and the small town of Yancey, this book mixes a predictable love story with faith, history, and intrigue.  Bailey Craig left the small town and her sordid past behind her over a decade ago, but she finds herself forced to come back and deal with loose ends when her aunt suddenly dies.

As Bailey seeks to tie up her aunt’s estate, she finds herself pulled into a mystery involving the Romanov line and the history of Alaska.  As she seeks to honor her aunt’s memory, Bailey finds that her aunt’s death was no accident.  In order to put all the pieces into place, Bailey finds herself involved in a life-threatening dive into the Alaskan waters – along with her long-lost love, Cole McKenna.

Cole is still hurt over the way Bailey Craig left him – and their friendship – behind so callously.  But when he sees her again, he finds that old flames don’t flicker out easily, and he is drawn to protect her as he helps to find out what mystery could lie in the small, quiet town.  Can he help her get over her past, so they can focus on a future together?  Or will they lose their lives together as they risk their lives in the Alaskan waters to find the Romanov family secrets?

This is Pettrey’s first novel, and I definitely look forward to reading more by this amazingly creative writer.  She obviously researches her material very well and left me wanting to research the history of Alaska and the Romanov family in Russia.  If you are looking for a good book to read on vacation, then this is it!

*Special thanks to Bethany House Publishers for sending me this book to review.  All thoughts and opinions are solely mine, and I have not received compensation for my opinion.

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