Are Your Kids Sensitive?

I saw a segment on “The Today Show” this morning about foul language on television and how parents feel about it for the children’s sake.  One mom was actually quoted as saying, “I don’t really mind it for my children.  I think it desensitizes them!”

Hmmm. . .I wonder if that woman really understands what it means to “desensitize our children,” or perhaps this is a common standard held by many parents worldwide.  Maybe she was just expressing what the average parent believes.  It really started me thinking, though, about how I can focus on sensitizing my children!  As a Christian parent, I certainly don’t want my children to become desensitized to evil – even foul language!

The Bible clearly states in Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Recently, I was linked through Facebook to a missionary’s blog.  My friend put out a warning that this person’s blog may contain some offensive language, but I thought she was just talking about the missionary’s beliefs.  I have to admit that I did read through the whole article, and I believe that this woman had a lot of great points about Christianity and legalism.  But I also think that she lost some of her message when she decided to use foul language throughout her post to prove her “liberty in Christ.”

To me, this was just evidence that even the Christian community as a whole is becoming desensitized to Satan’s schemes!  We as Christians need to be setting the bar higher!  We shouldn’t be accepting foul language, rude language, inappropriate dress, disrespectful attitudes, or any other form of degradation from our children or the world around them!  Is it okay for my children to hear foul language on the television?  Absolutely not!  Is it okay for them to hang around with people who use that language?  Absolutely not!  Is it okay for them to act out because they are just children?  Absolutely not!  We need to stand up and fight for our children!

I am fighting to keep my children sensitive to evil, and evil can creep in through unexpected ways.  We love, love, love Disney at my house, and we are thrilled to own many of the Disney movies that we enjoyed as children.  But I have found myself analyzing – perhaps over-analyzing – each movie and then discussing its biblical problems with Hannah after she has finished watching it.  I never thought to do this before I had children, but I am starting to notice little ways that evil can sneak into my children’s hearts.

Take the story of Ariel.  Here is a girl who has everything – she is a princess; she is beautiful; she has a loving father; she is never lonely; she is doted upon by the entire kingdom – yet she is discontent.  She wants more.  She wants to be someone who she is not.  Now I realize that Ariel is not real, but imagine the impression this character can have on my impressionable three-year-old daughter, who already worries about her looks and wants to be older and is looking for her “prince.”

Belle isn’t much better.  She spends the first part of the movie singing songs about how she wishes she could be somewhere else, do something else, be someone else.  She is anti-social, spending most of her time reading books instead of developing relationships.  And she thinks that she is better than the rest of the town.  My daughter loves Belle and thinks that she makes a beautiful princess.

I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with my daughter watching these movies (in fact, I think they have very good morals in them overall), but I do see a need to follow up with Scripture and point her focus back on God.  Satan wants our kids, and he is not above using us parents to get at them!  I think we do need to be guilty of over-analyzing everything that impacts our children!

Jesus greatly admonished us to protect our children from evil.  In Mark 9:42, He said, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.”

What a great responsibility we have to care for these little ones – heart, soul, mind, and strength!  It’s not enough to make sure that they are eating three healthy meals a day!  It’s not enough to check their homework and make sure they go to bed at a decent hour.  We need to fight for their hearts!  Fight for their godliness!  Fight for their very existence as soldiers in God’s army!

We are heading into battle, and our children need to be prepared!  So I pose this question to you – how sensitive are your kids?


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