For Everything, There is a Season

We didn’t get to go to Toddler Time at Chick-fil-A today.  We didn’t get to splash in the puddles when it was raining today either (which is something Hannah LOVES to do!).  We didn’t even get to go to prayer meeting at church tonight.  Why?  Because it is the season for sickness.  Ephraim is sick now; but I am sure that as soon as he gets better, Hannah will be sick!  I noticed on Facebook today that many of my friends were going through the same thing.  If you have young children, you know that the fall and winter months seem to bring an endless stream of germs, colds, and just general feelings of yuckiness!  It seems that at this time of year, I can easily go several weeks before seeing many of my friends because either my kids are sick or their kids are!

Last year at this time, I was getting extremely discouraged because of all the church services and just general fellowship with other adults that I was missing!  But one lady encouraged me by reminding me that this is just a season of life.  God doesn’t grade us on whether we have attended every church service that month or not.  In fact, He is the One who has allowed sickness to enter our home – to give us time to cuddle with our kids, to refocus our priorities, to take a step back from our busy lives, or to just rest in Him.  This season of sickness doesn’t have to be a time of discouragement.  It can be a time to reflect on our need of Him for all things – even protection from the common cold!

I know that a lot of my mom friends are feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  When our little ones are sick, it’s hard to know just what they need to help them feel better.  My one-year-old cannot tell me exactly where it hurts (although I am pretty sure the rash on his tummy was a contributing factor!).  We want to cure them, but we can only do so much.  The virus has to run its course.

I write all of this because I want to be an encouragement to my friends.  I want to remind them that God cares.  He knows the inner workings of our little ones’ bodies, and He is the Great Physician.  This is just a season in our lives – a moment that will pass quickly, even though it seems to drag on forever.

Our own moms went through this season themselves.  Some of my fondest memories of my mom are the days I got to stay home with her because I was sick.  No one could make grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup like she could!  And no one knew just how to tuck me in just right like she did.  In fact, even now when I am sick, I wish for my mom to stop by to take care of me (and she often does)!  She made those moments of sickness count because she knew the moments were fleeting.

So stay strong, Friends!  Don’t be discouraged as you are home-bound.  Appreciate these moments that God has given you to bond with your child.  It’s okay to spend the day watching movies with your kids when they’re sick.  It’s all right if you don’t do anything all day but lay around in your pajamas.  Make these moments turn into memories that your children will cherish.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”    (Eccl. 3:1) 

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