A Play Review

I love free activities in our town.  It is so nice to see the community make an effort to do things for us that don’t cost a lot of money.  Honestly, we can’t afford to do the things that cost a lot of money, so we really take advantage when things are free!

This weekend we were so excited to see our children’s theater do a production of Alice in Wonderland in the park.  We got Hannah in her pajamas, packed snacks and drinks, and headed to the park’s amphitheater.  Let’s just say – it was a disaster!  We were sitting on an anthill (on the amphitheater’s seats); Hannah did not want to sit in the stroller to fall asleep; and then the play started.

This was the absolutel WORST play ever!  The actors did not know their lines; the singing was out of tune; the microphones did not work (and the actors did not enunciate); and no one knew what was going on!  I know it was a children’s theater, but it would have helped to have at least been able to hear what they were saying!  The director was completely oblivious that many people were leaving during the performance.  I know that it was free, but sometimes even free is not worth the effort!

Oh well.  At least we had some time out as a family, and I guess that was really the point anyway.

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