Not Just Another University

Photographer: djcodrin

Parents searching for a unique college experience for their children may want to consider the University of Redlands, located centrally in southern California.  This beautiful university is not “just” another college.  Students have access to new, state-of-the-art facilities that offer the best environment for student life.  Plus, this Southern California university provides many of the comforts of home. 

One of the unique features of U of R is its cuisine.  Bon Appétit, the onsite restaurant, prepares meals for the students based on authentic foods that are locally-grown.  Students, and parents, can trust that the campus cuisine is not the typical college junk food.  The restaurant even provides meal plans to meet each individual student’s budget.  This unique restaurant focuses on the community and environmentally-friendly practices of growing organic food.  Processed food is not a part of the meal plan at this university.

 The U of R offers classes for all types of students.  This top university offers the opportunity for continued education.  The U of R is ranked as one of the best California universities and has programs for anyone who wants to get a degree.  The U of R offers over 40 courses to meet the needs of any student who wants to get a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. 

Any parent will want to consider U of R as a possible college for their child.  This school does not offer the typical college experience but goes above and beyond to provide the best possible opportunities for each student.

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