The Steps of a Good Man (or a Little Girl)

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.   Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand” (Psalm 37:23-24).


This has been a wonderful summer of watching Hannah grow!  When she was exactly 13 months old, she suddenly stood up, took three steps, and immediately fell on her bottom!  But she didn’t give up, and she was off and running in just a couple of days!  Now I can barely keep up with her because she is quick!  She does NOT want Mommy and Daddy to help her because she is independent and can do it on her own (although we know that she really needs us to be close by for those times when she falls).  She falls a lot, but she knows that we are nearby to kiss away her boo-boos, and she hardly ever cries.  In fact, she becomes even more determined to make it to her destination on her own! 


I am constantly learning lessons from my daughter on God’s love.  Watching Hannah learn how to walk has reminded me of my own spiritual walk.  When I was just a baby in the Lord, I was crawling in the Word.  But as I fed on His Word, my spiritual “legs” became stronger; and before long, I was able to stand and take a few stumbling steps on my own.  But just as a child who is learning how to walk falls down, I, too, have fallen many times in my spiritual walk.  And just like a child, I have often tried to get back up on my own, determined to run helter-skelter in my own direction.  Still, I am able to take steadier, firmer steps each day because I know that my heavenly Father is nearby to pick me up, kiss my tears away, and set me on my feet again!

What a wonderful Father we have who doesn’t depend on us to do what is needed for salvation!  We are His children; and He lovingly guides us, holds our hand, and shows us the Way.  In these uncertain economic times, God is just waiting for us to grab onto His hand and let Him lead the way.  We may not know what our future holds; but He does, and He has promised to pick us up and help us to stand!


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