The Gospel Changes Everything

No matter what your political preference, yesterday was an important day in American history.  For the first time, our nation will be run by an African-American president; and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to see that things are about to change – whether for bad or for good is yet to be determined by the new administration.

hannahAs a new mom, I can’t help but sit back and look at what the future may hold for my daughter and for my future children.  Times are changing, and I feel more committed than ever to make sure that my daughter is prepared for whatever that future may hold.

How can I do that?  Well, our church’s motto is “the Gospel changes everything.”  That’s our motto in our home as well.  Whether I am disciplining Hannah, playing with her, or teaching her, I want to make sure that God’s Word is hidden in her heart so that she will be able to withstand anything that lies ahead.  I know that God already knows her future and that He will be with her even when I can’t.  The future may be uncertain, but in Him I am sure.

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