Baby Hugs

dscf0752Hannah and I have been taking it easy this week, trying to get back into our routine after such a hectic week last week!  I love the time we have together, just sitting on the floor with building blocks and stacking rings.

Today, every once and awhile, Hannah would stop playing, crawl over to me, pull herself up, and rest her head on my chest – her version of giving me a hug.  I wish those moments would last forever, but just as quickly she crawls back to her toys, content to play beside me for awhile. 

My once very dependent baby is beginning to exercise her own independence as she grows before my very eyes.  She can crawl anywhere she wants now, and she is able to pull herself up and stand for long periods of time holding onto something.  Before long, I know she’ll be walking, and I will be running all over the house trying to keep an eye on her!  I just hope she doesn’t grow up too quickly.

Hannah is the perfect child for me.  I prayed for a child who would love to be held and cuddled, and Hannah is constantly lifting her arms to me to hold her.  She is never one to wiggle free from a hug, and she will sit quietly in my arms and just play with my hair.  What a blessing she is to me!  She is a constant reminder of God’s love and blessings.


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